E-commerce and Brick and Mortar Distribution Program for Manufacturers

Internet Fulfillment Services (IFS) is in the process of upgrading its B2B website. The projected launch date is February 1, 2017. New applications will be considered after this date. You will be instructed to fill out an online form at that time. IFS is a subsidiary of Sport Station Partners, Inc.


Are you focused in large-chain retail channels?

Are your domestic e-commerce revenues at least 10% of total sales?

Are you concerned about Brand, Image, and/or Price Erosion?

Have you analyzed the true costs of drop shipping services?

 Does EVERYONE seem to be selling your product?

Have you lost control of your selling channels?

It's costing me too much to sell direct to some of the big e-commerce companies!


  • By 2019, the e-commerce market will eclipse $3.5 trillion in sales and 12.4% of global retail sales. (Linder, 2015)
  • There are over 100,000 e-commerce retailers in the U.S. generating at least $12,000 in annual revenues. (Belicove, 2013)
  • 40% of all sales (and growing) occur in e-commerce marketplace channels. The remaining sales are dedicated e-commerce platforms.
  • Amazon.com generated 60% of total U.S. online sales growth in 2015 (Garcia, 2016).
  • There are over 30 viable marketplace channels (and growing), and all with a unique marketing strategy. It takes time to understand how to leverage each marketplace to maximize revenues.
E-commerce is ultimately the fastest, and lowest cost, channel to market and sell Value-add Fulfillment Costsproducts. If you are not careful, it is also the quickest avenue in eroding brand, image and overall market price - and not overnight! It takes 18 months to recognize the errors made, and over 24 months to recover. You cannot afford to dismiss the e-commerce market at an estimated $3.5 trillion in projected revenues by 2019. The market is also not all about the big-boys, although they do provide the promise of volume and quick revenue. Believe it or not, there are over 200,000 e-commerce businesses generating $12,000 or more in revenues per year - that's an annual spend of $2.4 billion from the small guys (remember brick and mortar?). We are not saying the big boys are irrelevant. We have them covered as well. However, we are saying that... if you want to get into the business of e-commerce channel growth, you must be willing to look at the give SportStation a shot at managing your business.

Value-add Fulfillment Program:

Through our Value-add Fulfillment program, SportStation will partner with your business, supplementing your marketing effort. Let us manage your Internet growth based on our expertise, and while you focus your resources on the strengths that got you where you are today.

"So, what is my investment in this program?" Simple. There is minimal upfront investment other than time and commitment.

  1. Discovery: A commitment from you in letting us partner to help grow your business and ours. We understand every business model is different. SportStation's program is extremely flexible in providing the most accurate e-commerce distribution solution based on your needs.
  2. Value-add Proposal: What are your business objectives - price management; selective representation; or, specific market channel penetration? SportStation will help to uncover and define requirements based on years of experience in the market. 
  3. Data and Content must be gathered and organized to complete the launch to market.  
  4. Launch product in selective e-commerce channels, or all channels. Either way, our process is fully automated to make a new launch quick and efficient.
  5. Monitor and Consult: SportStation is committed to growing your business by reaching additional B2B customers within the market.
  6. Quarterly Account and Strategy review meetings

Over the years, and with many challenges, SportStation has developed a program that works closely with the manufacturer to build a sustainable marketing channel in e-commerce and small retail brick and mortar. Our program is so flexible that we are able to cater to your needs versus you investing in high-dollar technology to accommodate our needs. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@sportstation.com. We look forward to working with you!

True Statements from current Partners (now successful), and those that just didn't get it!

  • "As a supplier, it was cheaper to buy an NFL licensed canopy tent from my local big box retailer than direct from the manufacturer."
  • As a manufacturer, I am not quite sure how my product is sold through the "net". My retail price across the board has been compromised."
  • "Yes, we drop ship directly for many websites, but my retail prices are falling."
  • "We are implementing a State-of-the-Art software program that automates EVERYTHING...." (six months and three revisions later still no order taking....)
  • "We didn't anticipate the Holiday rush well enough..." (as 1,000's sales orders are lost)
  • "We completely shut down our e-commerce drop ship program, and are reviewing the entire process."