11.5in Left Hand Throw Prodigy Series Youth Baseball Glove

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11.5 Pattern Two-Tone B-Hive Web Serious High Level Youth Glove Was Designed With The Akadema Grasp Clasp Wrist System. The Grasp Clasp Locks The Player's Hand In The Glove To Ensure Proper Catching Mechanics. The Tam Uses The Same Usa Steer Hide Leather Pocket And Web As The Akadema Professional Series For Increased Durability And Quality. Akademalyte Leather Used On The Back Of The Glove To Reduce The Weight And Make It Easier To Break In.

  • Left Hand Throw
  • Open Back w/ Grasp Clasp Wrist System
  • 11.5 Pattern"
  • B-Hive Web
  • by Akadema

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