1969 Woodstock Three Day Mega Ticket

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Woodstock was billed as Three Days of Peace and Music" and this one ticket was all you needed to see Jimi Hendrix The Who Santana Janis Joplin the Grateful Dead Country Joe Joan Baez Richie Havens Crosby Stills & Nash The Band as well as too many other artists to list. Of course the fences eventually came down as 500 000 people showed up and well a free concert ensued. For much of the country the events that took place on Max Yasgur's dairy farm in Bethel NY the weekend of Aug. 15-171969signaled a change. The festival wasn't just about the music. But one look at the set lists does remind us just how much great music was played. For example The Who played a 25-song set. Our Woodstock Mini-Mega Ticket celebrates the peace the music and the significant cultural impact the event had on society. Plus if you were there this Mini-Mega Ticket can help you hold on to all those memories a little bit tighter. Overall Size: 4 3/4 (W) x 14 (H) x 3/4 (D) Mini-Mega Tickets"

  • Created From Authentic Game tickets, enlarged 500%.
  • Printed on Archival Canvas
  • Professionally Stretch-Mounted using State-of-the-Art Technolodgy
  • Perfect for Autographs
  • Officially Licensed
  • by Thats My Ticket

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