Alabama Crimson Tide NCAA Boxed Set of 3 Cajun Seas,Stk/Rib Rub, BBQ R

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Boxed Set of 3 rubs: This set contains three deliciously different rubs/seasonings in a handsome gift box. Steak & Rib Rub: Rub generously on both sides of your favorite steak or rack of ribs. Cover and refrigerate 2 hours then slap on the grill or smoker and enjoy the full flavor! (14.5 oz) Sweet BBQ Rub: This rub brings a wonderful sweet flavor to burgers chicken and all grilled or smoked meats. Sprinkle cover and refrigerate hours.(11oz) Cajun Seasoning: True Cajun flavor for meat eggs and Cajun Fries. For deep Fried Cajun Turkey rub on skin and in chest cavity before deep frying. (12oz)

  • Officially Licensed NCAA Logos and Colors
  • by Hot Sauce Harrys

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