Rip Away EMT Lite Color: Tan

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The Condor EMT  Lite is the redesigned personal version of the MA41 Rip Away EMT. Its compact  design is great to hold a complete first aid kit for a single person while the  outside webbing can hold additional MOLLE Attachments or chem-lights. It  features a grab handle for quick tear-away transfers or load out switching as  well as a quick access pull tongue to open the pouch. Specifications 

  • Rip away hook back with loop panel secure with quick release buckle
  • 6 MOD Straps included Size 6.5"H x 4"W x 2"D"
  • Grab Handle
  • Hook and loop ID Panel
  • Webbing for MOLLE attachements and accessories/ Internal Quick open pull-tongue
  • by Condor Outdoor

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